Consider Granite Tile for Your Next Renovation Project

granite tileConsider Granite Tile

Whether you're renovating your current home or looking for materials for your new house, don't forget to consider granite tiling. Many people assume that since granite tiles are less expensive than slabs that the quality of these tiles must be inferior.
In fact, you can get a better grade of granite for less money if you opt for tiles. Since granite is a natural product, it contains organically occurring flaws. Therefore, it's easier to find a small flawless piece of granite than it is to find a large slab without imperfections. Consequently, there is a larger supply of granite tile than granite slab. This, combined with the fact that the demand for slab is greater in Toronto, makes granite tile an economically attractive alternative.
And although granite tiles have long been used for flooring, many homeowners are now opting to use them for countertops and backsplashes as well. If properly installed by professionals, a tile countertop can be as efficiently sealed as a slab counter. Tiles should be spaced closely, and tinted grout may be used to achieve a more uniform look.

Advantages of Granite

Durability. There are many advantages to using granite in your home. Some of these are well known, such as granite's extreme durability. Ranked high on the Moh scale of hardness, granite is often described as "nearly indestructible,” making it the perfect material for high traffic areas and for houses built to endure. Although your initial investment in granite floors or countertops will be greater than that required for synthetics, you will never need to replace the stone. With proper care it will look as beautiful as the day you installed it, even many decades later.
Heat Resistance. Since granite is an igneous rock, formed far below the surface of the earth by molten materials, it can withstand very hot temperatures. If you have a synthetic counter, you might need to worry about the heat of toaster ovens or hot pots being set down accidentally onto the surface. With granite tiles, this is not even remotely a concern. Many homeowners installing granite tile floors also opt for radiant heating, to keep feet cozy in the winter.
Ease of Care. Granite is sanitary, stain resistant, and easy to clean using either a commercial preparation or your own mixture of mild soap and water. Buffing with a soft cloth will maintain the granite's shine.


Timeless Beauty

The greatest advantage of all is the natural beauty of granite. Since each piece of stone is unique, it's a one-of-a-kind addition to your home's décor. Minerals deep within granite reflect the light, adding depth and character to the material. Granite is available from better distributors in the GTA in a vast array of colours and patterning. While most of the granite we see is cream, brown, or black, there is also a range of more exotic colours, including blue, which is becoming popular today due to its versatility. There are also deep burgundy tones, shades of pink, and combinations of various colours that create a dramatic look for any room. You may opt for a matte or high gloss finish.
Explore the availability of granite tile for your home, and experience the timeless beauty of granite.